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Magic tricks for naturally beautiful eyelashes


Do you wish for your eyelashes to be long and beautiful, and not to succumb to artificial trends? The role of the eyelashes is not only aesthetic, but a woman’s eyelashes are important mostly because of this. Here are a few tips for achieving beautiful, thick and dense eyelashes naturally, and to make your look especially sultry without spending too much time.



To achieve healthy and beautiful eyelashes, this step is first and foremost. Thoroughly remove your make-up every night to help your skin and eyelashes relax. Use natural and quality products and be careful they are not too aggressive, e.g. baby oil, as it can irritate the skin around the eyes. Prefer to use almond or olive oil, which have a very beneficial effect on the skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. To get your eyelashes ready for a new day, apply Lux-Factor Eyelash Growth Serum before bedtime to enhance their growth.



Is it difficult for you to imagine leaving home without mascara? Choose the one that suits your skin and eyes, and one that has the effect you most want or need. There are many different types of mascaras: to achieve a popular shape, length or volume. We recommend that you do not exaggerate, as lumps may appear on the eyelashes, which may later be smeared and ruin your look. 

Applying a Mascara

Before applying a mascara, apply Lux-Factor Eyelash Growth Serum to your lashes in the morning to protect them while stimulating their growth. Then apply the mascara to the root of the eyelashes and move the brush with a zigzag movement up the eyelashes. For the most optimal effect, first emphasize the eyelashes in the middle, then the outer and finally the inner corner of the eyes. Close the eyes at the end and apply an extra layer of mascara to the tips. 

Natural Oils

Natural oils are superfoods, both in the kitchen and in cosmetics. Take advantage of their positive effects and make sure your eyelashes are recovered in a very simple way. Use almond, coconut or olive oil regularly and the results will soon be visible. Apply the selected oil with wool or cotton pad to your eyelashes and leave to work overnight. If you are not comfortable with the feeling of oil, clean your lashes thoroughly after 30 minutes and apply Lux-Factor Eyelash Growth Serum and leave it overnight. With regular use, you will soon be seducing with beautiful and charming eyelashes!

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