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Anti-wrinkle cream 4D HYALURON

Intensive anti-age cream.

Professional, clinically tested anti-wrinkle and anti-aging skin sensation, trusted by over 124,500 European women.

Triple packaging Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON

Wrinkles are gone and the skin is rejuvenated! The effects are visible within 2 weeks.

  • Visibly reduces expressive wrinkles, fills deep wrinkles and smoothes thin lines - up to 80% younger looking skin .
  • Hyaluronic acid of European origin provides long-lasting moisturized skin.
  • It penetrates under the epidermis and in deeper layers hydrates the skin from the inside out.
  • Promotes natural renewal of the epidermis.
  • Protects the skin from harmful outdoor effects.
  • It penetrates skin cells and improves skin structure.
  • With regular use, skin becomes healthy and youthful.
  • Suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive skin.
  • Clinically and dermatologically tested.
Before and after the use of 4D HYALURON

4D HYALURON - 1 month treatment (50 ml)

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Natalija Verboten

About Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON

I have an extremely sensitive skin and I have always found it difficult to find nourishing products that wouldn't irritate my skin. When I started using the Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON Natural Face Cream, I stopped searching, because it has a very beneficial effect on my problematic skin. Because of nature of my work, I often wear a lot of make-up, and make-up can be quite irritating. I can apply 4D HYALURON cream quickly, it absorbs fast, and my skin is smooth, and even at the age of 42, it is still firm, elastic and radiant.

About 4D HYALURON cream

The only anti-wrinkle cream that really works - thanks to its patented anti-wrinkle formula.

Lux-Factor's patented ANTI-WRINKLE formula is a professional clinically proven anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment. It is the most effective yet safe anti-wrinkle formula, which is suitable for all skin types with signs of aging such as wrinkles and expressive wrinkles.

Professional clinically tested anti-wrinkle and anti-aging sensation, trusted by over 124,500 European women.

After years of research, scientists have combined the hyaluronic acid of European origin with the sensational Lux-Factor ANTI-WRINKLE formula. Biotic processes have broken down microparticles of molecular weight that penetrate the deeper layers of skin and thus act from the inside out.

Hyaluron fills deep and expressive wrinkles and smoothes thin face lines. By incorporating the fourth dimension (4D), hyaluronic acid permanently smoothes the skin and creates a more youthful appearance with each application.

4D HYALURON Anti-Wrinkle Cream also promotes the natural process of restoring the epidermis, which protects the skin from harmful outdoor effects. The patented 4D HYALURON Anti-Wrinkle Cream thus provides stunningly faster and more effective wrinkle smoothing, has a rejuvenating effect, deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it a radiant appearance.




Krema proti gubicam 4D HYALURON

Dramatic effect after only two weeks of use

  • No more deep and expressive wrinkles and thin lines (above lips, around eyes, under cheeks, on forehead, neck and cleavage).
  • Visibly moisturized and radiant skin.
  • Improved skin structure and tone.

Due to its exceptional water retention ability, hyaluronic acid is considered to be one of the most popular ingredients in the cosmetic industry, and its action also promotes collagen synthesis.

Finally, you can outsmart genetics!

Most women notice signs of skin aging in their early thirties, when wrinkles are not only the result of years, but also reflect the detrimental effects of modern life. Stressful lifestyle, unbalanced diet, polluted air and the use of aggressive products leave marks on the skin and draw deeper and deeper wrinkles every day. The skin loses its youthful radiance, healthy elasticity and becomes increasingly sagging.

Fortunately, the process of aging skin can now be stopped without costly surgery and unwanted side effects. The patented 4D HYALURON Anti-Wrinkle Formula helps you smooth out wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming in a 100% safe and natural way. You will notice the natural anti-age effect after two weeks. With regular use, however, the best results are seen within two months at the latest.

WARNING: Be careful when choosing the right anti-wrinkle cream. Many providers claim that their product works, but they do not support the promises with evidence. They do not have the appropriate certificates, their ingredients are of dubious origin, have not been clinically tested and have no effect.

All ingredients in Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON are clinically tested and proven to reduce wrinkles.

Effects are recognized by experts and pharmacists.

Nina Šurbek Fošnarič, Master of Pharmacy

Most women over 30 experience uncomfortable aging of the skin, which is manifested in the form of deep and expressive wrinkles. As an expert pharmacist, I always advise my clients to use caution when choosing skin care products. At the end of the day, it’s your face we’re talking about.

Hyaluronic acid makes it essential for the skin to be moisturized, firm, and automatically regenerated from the inside, regardless of age. But the source of all the ingredients is important! Therefore, check before use what ingredients the cream has, whether it has been clinically tested and certified.

Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON cream contains hyaluronic acid of European origin. The patented Anti-Wrinkle Formula in Lux-Factor cream enables intense transfer of active ingredients into the skin, even into deeper layers. Therefore, both deep and expressive wrinkles are noticeably reduced in short time. The patented formula also promotes the extensive natural process of regeneration of the epidermis and protects the skin from harmful outdoor effects.

Customers notice the difference after a few applications. Regular use improves skin tone and smooths the skin. No side effects. I use Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON cream exclusively for face care and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy and youthful looking skin.

Check out out customer feedback after 30 days of use

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Why hyaluronic anti-wrinkle cream?

Until recently, people have believed that wrinkles, which occur around the age of 30, are impossible to get rid of solely by using a good day cream, and that wrinkles can only be minimized by plastic surgery. While the latter really do provide firm skin, they are often quite artificial and can have scary consequences.

These are only temporary solutions that can damage the delicate nerves on the face and consequently make it impossible to move certain parts of the face.

A much better alternative is the proven effective Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON Natural Anti-Wrinkle Cream, which smooths out wrinkles in a natural and completely safe way through biological action on cell walls, thus preventing further skin aging and maintaining its youthful appearance.

ATTENTION: Fakes and creams that promise miracles and are not clinically tested!

Did you know that there is a shocking difference between Chinese and European hyaluron?

Hyaluronic acid is a key component of healthy skin, and with age, its amount decreases, resulting in dryness and inelasticity of the skin, a feeling of tightness, and the appearance of wrinkles and expressive wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid promotes skin moisturizing and restores intercellular action, creating better skin structure and maintaining a youthful appearance.

But be careful when choosing hyaluron to apply it on your face!

Generic hyaluronan from Chinese imports is not necessarily clinically tested, nor tested to deliver optimal results. Luckily, 4D HYALURON Anti-Wrinkle Cream differs from other products - it contains exclusively hyaluronic acid of European origin, which is of unique quality and without side effects, providing stunning results in wrinkle reduction and skin rejuvenation.

Klinično testirana krema 4D HYALURON

Why is Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON cream so effective?

  • The proven effective combination of hyaluronic acid of European origin and the tested patented ANTI-WRINKLE Formula reduces wrinkles and firms skin.
  • The micromolecular masses of the active ingredients in Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON Cream penetrate the deeper layers of the skin by filling the skin from the inside with biotic action in the intercellular membranes. Thus, they provide a natural anti-age effect and a youthful skin appearance.
  • Innovative formula in 4D HYALURON Cream provides better skin structure, making skin more elastic, firm and smooth.
  • The patented formula with proven ingredients stimulates the natural process of renewing the epidermis, giving the skin a better tone.
  • The ideal combination of active ingredients protects the skin from harmful outdoor effects and is therefore firm and youthful with the regular use of 4D HYALURON.
  • Unlike other anti-wrinkle products, 4D HYALURON Anti-Wrinkle Cream is clinically and dermatologically tested, making it suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.

LUX FACTOR 4D HYALURON is based on proven ingredients and patented Anti-Wrinkle formula.

A test on 800 users has shown:

  • The appearance of expressive and deep wrinkles can be reduced by up to 80% when used regularly.
  • Skin can be up to 60% more moisturized.
  • The structure and tone of the skin are improved.
  • Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • After one month of using Lux-Factor 4D HYALURON Cream, users did not want to use any other anti-wrinkle cream!.
4D HYALURON before and after

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