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About Lux - Factor Cosmetics

Products that bring out the natural beauty

With the aim of restoring women's self-esteem and confidence in their beauty, at a time when beauty trends are changing faster than the seasons, Lux-Factor Cosmetics, currently owned by Combokin Sp. z o.o., began to develop natural cosmetics in French laboratories. It first appeared on the market in 2014 and in a very short time has won thousands of users across Europe.


First and foremost is the quality of 100% natural products, with carefully selected and clinically tested ingredients. Despite the oversaturation of the cosmetics market, the Lux-Factor brand managed to pave its way in an otherwise very competitive European market, convincing the users with actual efficiency of the products and the brand's message: "Forget artificial eyelashes, and other procedures for artificial look. Set yourself first, emphasize your natural beauty, and shine in all your beauty!"

Beauty ideals change, a Lux-Factor woman remains true to herself …

Even the ancient Egyptians appreciated elegance and sophistication and were the first to start using make-up to improve their appearance. Beauty ideals have changed dramatically over the centuries, but it has always been the society who dictated how one should look in order to look beautiful. Whether lush breasts, snow-white skin, wide hips, or a lean body. Novadays, beauty ideals are anything but unified, and in the Western world, the media increasingly imposes on us the belief that beauty is anything that goes beyond the natural. Huge lips, firm skin with no wrinkles, extended hair, eyelashes, artificial nails. All that is impossible to achieve without the use of various fillers, scalpels or other artificial accessories, and all that is impossible to achieve with the average salary of an employed woman. As a result, women began to doubt their natural beauty and lose confidence. Moreover, hiding behind loose clothing, make-up and Instagram filters has become completely ordinary.

Because of the abovementioned, Lux-Factor brand started building its story on completely different foundations. We wanted to tell women that they are beautiful just the way they are. Moreover, that cherry on top of the cake - such as longer lashes and more youthful skin that will further enhance their self-esteem - can be achieved with natural products, that do not drastically change their appearance, only highlight their unique, natural beauty. 

We don't need to remind you that each and every one of you is perfect, right?

Women who are tired of being bombarded with instructions on what they should look like and what they should do to look like that, liked our idea and that was the beginning of the success story of the brand for which we believe that can survive any market, especially smaller ones, only with satisfied regular customers who can contact the company at any time.

30-day warranty on all products

Despite the fact that the Lux-Factor brand specializes exclusively in online sale, it wants to maintain a good, genuine relationship with its users, which is why the brand has a large international call center, strong support on social media; moreover, we offer all customers a 30-day guarantee and the possibility of returning products and money in case you do not notice the results. The fact that the products really work is also evidenced by the fact that annually, less than 4% of customers across Europe decide to return the product.

Apart from the fact that Lux-Factor products contain only natural ingredients, they are also not tested on animals. Lux-Factor's motto is to live with and for nature, so it does not intend to take such steps in the future.

Easy shopping

The Lux-Factor brand has already decided upon its foundation that all products shall be available exclusively online at online store. Shopping is easy, if you have any questions, our friendly call center consultants are always happy to help.

Benefits for regular customers

We always pamper our regular customers! Every Thursday they receive e-newsletters with various benefits. Moreover, when you buy 2 products or more, you get free shipping. Gifts for regular customer are on our schedule regularly, even when it's not Valentine's Day, as we are convinced that the long-term success requires to appreciate customers and recognize their loyalty.

Thank you all for writing the Lux-Factor story with us.

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