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Cleanse your skin with ingredients found at home


Profound and regular skin care, especially of the face, is crucial for a youthful appearance and slowing down the process of aging.

Why shouldn't you prevent wrinkles from forming? Soft, beautiful and clear skin can be conjured right at home. How? With simple and natural face cleansers made of ingredients found at home and, of course, with a good quality face cream.

Honey and Lemon Cleanser

Honey and lemon together provide natural moisture and antiseptic action, which is perfect as a nourishing and cleansing agent for the skin. Mix two teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Heat between your fingers and apply a thin layer over your face and neck. Leave until dry, then rinse with warm water. Then apply Lux Factor 4D Anti-Wrinkle Cream to your face, neck and cleavage, and your face care will be perfect.


Yogurt is a natural face cleanser as it is rich in protein and lactic acid. These compounds work together to help detoxify the skin. Regular use of a yogurt mask will help your skin get rid of dead cells, while protein reduce pores, soothe the appearance of fine wrinkles and moisturize your face. After applying the yogurt mask, apply Lux Factor 4D Anti-Wrinkle Cream, which will further moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar restores the pH of the skin, preventing pimples and clogs from erupting, while making your skin neither too dry nor oily. It contains a pH of 5.5 which is very close to the ideal pH value of human skin. How to use it? Mix 1/3 of the apple cider vinegar with 2/3 of the water and mix well. Apply to a clean face with a cotton pad and after your skin is dry, apply Lux Factor 4D Anti-Wrinkle Cream for extra care and protection.

Coconut Oil Cleanser

Coconut oil can eliminate the glow of the skin that occurs towards the end of the day, without depriving the face of natural oils. Due to its antimicrobial action, when applied to the skin, it counteracts the moisture lost through the pores, leaving your skin healthy and soft. Use? Gently massage your face for half a minute with a few drops of oil. Then place a hot towel on your face for the pores to open up, and after 15-30 seconds remove the oil from your face with a wash cloth. 


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